Cheap Freehold House In Durham

Location: County Durham

Price: £72,000

Discount: Included

Freehold houses are the cornerstone of many investors’ property portfolios and we have championed them as solid investments for many years.

It’s a simple, no thrills strategy to investing in property. Traditional 2 or 3 bedroom family properties are in huge demand from renters in many areas of the country.

This 3 bed semi is a classic example of a straightforward BTL investment that will offer you YIELD and INCOME.

It’s recently been decorated and is in perfect shape for the local rental market. We have an agent lined up to manage the investment on your behalf which will allow you to remain completely hands-off.

Only £18,000 is required for a 25% deposit… surely it’s worth investing this amount into a tangible asset rather than leaving it in a savings account or ISA?

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