Portfolio of 5 Properties For Sale

Location: Tyneside

Price: £280,000

Discount: Included

Prime Property Agents have secured a selection of 1,2 and 3 bedroom flats within close proximity of one another in the Tyneside area.

All 5 properties are offered for sale with tenants in situ.

The current rent being produced is £23,120 per year / £1,928 PCM. Our agent has advised a market value of £280,000.

This means we can offer a discount of £31,500 across the portfolio and means you will hopefully see a greater amount of capital appreciation.

After mortgage costs and management charges, we estimate a NET monthly cash flow of over £1,160 is achievable (based on a 70% LTV mortgage at 3.9%). The seller is a very experienced landlord who has built this portfolio up over a 20 year period.

Throughout that time they have had the properties managed through the same agent too. We will assist with putting you in contact with this agent prior to completion. The tenants are a mixture of private and LHA tenants.

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