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Attractive Property Investment Deals in the South West are few and far between largely down to its rural quaint setting ensuring a low demand whilst prices are still comparable with those in the South East despite its distance from London, other major cities and the country’s main financial or industrial ‘money making’ hubs.

The South West in fact maybe a place to sell up and retire to for many, but the area does have decent opportunities for rentals with an increasing student population and popular areas growing in industry in particular in Bristol and South Wales.

Towns like Swansea, Cardiff & Newport offer remarkably low property prices with strong yields attractive to local families that like to live and work close by whom might not necessarily be able to afford (or indeed want) a mortgage.

In Bristol, the cities University population is amongst the biggest in the country, a thriving fashionable city of nearly half a million inhabitants. Other University cities include Oxford (of course) and Exeter with property prices in the South West Midlands attractive to those wanting to invest in locations near Birmingham which offers a genuine growing and increased demand for property as the second largest in the UK after London.

If its property in Devon & Cornwall you want, maybe you want to be looking at a holiday home website, but if its affordable, attractive, buy to let monthly yielding property you are after in the South West, we can find you a sensible solution for you money without breaking the bank.

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