Interest rates are coming down

Good news!

Mortgage rates are coming back down.

We spoke with our broker yesterday and they quoted us rates for as low as 4.49% for a 2-year fixed product on a standard BTL mortgage.

As usual the rates for Ltd company lending are slightly higher although they’re still competitive at below 5%.

HMO’s and multi-unit freehold block rates are now down to 5.59% in a personal name too.

We have put these numbers into a chart below. We keep on top of the latest in the property world and have kept a close eye on financial products over the past couple of months. If you need assistance with sourcing lending then let us know, we’ll be able to recommend independent brokers who can give you a hand.



Standard buy to let

Personal name: 4.49% 2 year fixed

Ltd company purchase: 4.99% 2 year fixed


HMO/MUFB rates

Personal name: 5.59% 2 year fixed

Ltd company purchase: 6.59% 2 year fixed


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