North West Deals

You can achieve astonishing value for money in the North West of England in towns like Preston, Blackburn, Burnley, Barrow & Carlisle with property investment opportunities often coming in at well under £100,000. Sometimes even half as less around the £50k and above mark.

The old saying is you can even buy rows of streets cheaper than you can buy property in London so any investor that has a vision to fill a niche in the market can look to the North West as a fantastic starting point to build an empire, although deprivation in the old Mill towns over a large number of years is one of the reasons for you getting so much for so little.

In places like Liverpool it’s the same thing, the city is now half as populated as it were prior to World War II when almost 9000,000 lived on Merseyside with just over 440,000 living in the city today, but that’s not to say the 2008 European City of Culture does not have a great outlook with many businesses set up in the city and property prices at amazing value. With a number of top conversions and new builds taking place with growing student population adding to the areas resurgence the North West still has a lot to offer with ultimately low property prices at the top of the list.

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